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Jul 19, 2012
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I'm seeing more and more cases where Google My Business support reps offer users ranking advice.

Here's a couple recent examples - GMB "Advanced Information" Labels? - Local Search Forum

I was talking to GMB support the other day and the technician seemed very clear that labelling according to the business key terms would provide ranking benefit.
I was also talking to a GMB support person today, in India, and they told me to add my keywords into the labels area and it would help to get indexed in maps for my keywords and would show up within 2 weeks.

Curious, what ranking advice has GMB support given you in the past?
I quit calling in so I don't have anything to add Colan :/

But it does make one wonder if they know something we don't if they're giving that advice uniform across the board. Or if they are just really being misled. It's almost too coincidental.

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