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Apr 3, 2020
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Hello friends and happy Friday!

I or individuals at our company have begun to get emails from that we've been selected as a "best pest control company" in this area or that. The email gives a link to a "complimentary badge" they suggest we put on our website to show we were selected as a top company. They do indeed list us, and other competitors, and link to us. That's nice. But the cynic in me knows they are sending these badges out to build up links to their own site, to

On the one hand, I'd be interested in AB testing to see if having that badge on our site in addition to the BBB and other indicators of trustworthiness and credibility increases our conversion rate. On the other hand, I'm not sure about giving people the chance to click through to another website that lists us and competitors as being "best". Not to mention I'm generally a stickler when it comes to these link building emails. Maybe I put the badge up but not link to

There doesn't seem to be any cost or payment required. Just a friendly request to use the badge if we want to showcase it.

What are your thoughts?
Interesting with a DA of 51 in ubers. Are you the authority for the pages the badge goes on? I would definitely A/B test it. Maasive getting over 2 million organic traffic a month. I know what you mean though about such cross promoting. If you look around it is everywhere but might be more of a branding tactic your aiming for. All depends tho as well.

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