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Oct 3, 2012
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Hey all,

I wasn't sure where to throw this, since it's a CMS discussion.

I have a client using Expression Engine CMS, and we're considering migrating it over to WordPress. Before I do... I want to understand the pros and cons of using that particular CMS. It would be negligent to force them to re-platform without understanding both sides.

Has anyone ever used Expression Engine or have any opinions one way or another? I also posted this question on Twitter to see if I can get any feedback. Would love to chat. Also willing to barter my time to help with one of your client issues if you're able to help me with this. :)
Thanks Tim.

I definitely have concerns about using a CMS like this, but I want to understand both sides before making a decision for a big change. WordPress is what we primarily develop in, but that's not to say WordPress is the best CMS of all time. I'm more comfortable with it, but we also need to consider the cost of replatforming.

What have you seen specifically with ExpressionEngine (pros or cons) that would help you make a decision to switch? Have you ever moved someone from a niche CMS to WordPress, and for what reasons? I'm not as concerned about licensing fees or upkeep because they have someone dedicated to doing that already.

The person making updates / maintaining is a relative of the client (who also built this whole thing). I'm trying to tread lightly and use a fact-based argument giving pros and cons of both sides when bringing it up with them. I don't want to damage relationships, and I think the relative could cause problems if we shift away from the platform he built... you know how these things go when someone is attached to a project.
I haven't worked on an Expression Engine site or migration before.

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