Apr 1, 2015
Hey Gang: a funny thing happened to our business lately on Facebook. Turns out, we now have our main listing:

which we created knowingly and then...

without any intervention by us at all, four other location pages that were created out of nowhere:

So we went in and claimed them as they are our locations.

Bbut... we noticed a few of our locations were missing. So we went to create those and were told by the machine that "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that."

Turns out the name "Equitable Mediation Services" is already taken. Well, duh.

We have a subscription with Moz Local and asked if they had anything to do with this and they said no. So I am not sure how they're getting picked up nor what to do about filling in the blanks for our missing locations.

I'd love any insight the gang can provide!

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Weekly Digest

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