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Jan 25, 2019
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I have a new client who has -3!- facebook pages. Even worse, the owners have access to exactly zero of these pages. I have messaged each listing and have not heard back from any of them. This leads me to the following issues.

1. We need to get rid of the two old pages or get them merged into the new page.
2. His "new" listing i believe was run by his old digital marketing team. They have been unhelpful. At this time nobody at his company has access to these listings. All the help files and googling has not netted me any way to claim them
3. When I try to flag the pages, they only give me options that are not correct. which options on support would be the right way to handle this?

Thanks for the insight as always, I am super frustrated and at my wit's end on this situation.
Facebook is a shocker when it comes to cleaning up duplicate and old listings.

I have had success when the business has a FB page that is active. I then report those pages using the best option I can find at the time.

I've also tried the recover account option when I see it - that sends an email to whoever owns the page. FB give you a masked version of the email address - sometimes that's enough to trigger someone's memory.

Sometimes FB is quick about removing these, other times they can take months.

I feel your pain of frustration. I'm with you - it shouldn't be so hard.

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