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Jan 10, 2013
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Has anyone had experience with updating an old address in A client of mine has an old address in their database and I've been unable to get Factual to fix it in their database. I've emailed with the Factual ID as they say to do and I've also submitted an API request many times.

I've been trying to update the address itself to the new location. Do you think it might need to be marked as closed and a new location opened? I think I've done that in the past as well to no avail.

Best way to add/update info on Factual is to simply use their contact form.

Contact Us

I'm not really sure about turnaround times though. Maybe others can chime in.

Also, I moved your thread over to the Citations section, since it's more about that.
Thanks for the link. I had originally been updating it before they came out with that new contact form. I'll try updating it again through that. Very curious if anyone has any experience how to handle an old address - report it closed, or update the address to the new one.

You'll want to go here:

Follow the steps under "Update your business's details." You'll want to email them. I would suggest correcting the existing listing, rather than trying to remove and then add one. In my experience so far, that's faster.

Factual's turnaround time really varies. I'd give them a couple weeks, and then loop back to see if they made the changes.
I tried to get a Factual listing updated today by sending them an email with the details.

Not possible.

The only way they are accepting additions or changes is either through the API or a "trusted data contributor". So basically there's no way of changing Factual without paying someone to do it.

I'm not opposed to paying for service, but I don't believe any of these service providers allow you to request an update to Factual only. So it looks like if you want to change Factual, you'll need to use a service that will also impact other listings as well.
Thanks Phil. From a comment on your G+ post it looks like we can use Apigee. I'll give that a shot.

Yeah. I'd love to hear how Apigee works out.
I have a few clients who have old business listings come up when I search their phone number on Factual. These old listings are for companies that are no longer in business and I would like to have them taken down because they are causing NAP issues for my clients. I tried emailing factual but it seems like you have to be the creator of the listing to have it taken down, which I am not. Any suggestions on the fastest/easiest way to get old listings deleted?
Pretty sure everything has to be done through the API, which is very inconvenient but certainly by design.

I submitted a change via the API and apigee. It was successfully submitted but did not result in any change.

So absolute failure on Factual's part.

I'll be contacting them to see how to resolve the problem and will report back. You can delete entries via the API.
I know Yext supports factual as an aggregate, but it looks like they're moving away from direct submissions. If anyone has other API partners... or has talked with a factual rep, that would be awesome to know.
After two days waiting for a response in their forum, I was told that their API person wasn't around and I'd need to wait. And more importantly, I was told essentially that if I wanted to make sure it was updated, I need to use (and pay) a 3rd party trusted data provider since I was essentially anonymous to them.

The post is here for anybody who would care to chime in and put some pressure on them to be reasonable and figure out a way to accept submissions from those of us who are local marketers and have no need to outsource what should be a simple update.
Shout out to anyone who might be interested

I'm in early discussions with one of the partners who seems open to working with agencies like us, and provide us with an avenue to do the updates to factual and others on a pay-per-use, ad-hoc basis.

If this is of interest, could you give me an indication of roughly how many requests per month you think you might send?
I tried using the API/Apigee method to have incorrect listings removed and I couldn't seem to get it to work. Granted, I do not code and I do not have much knowledge on how to. I tried to follow the instructions that Factual provided on their site but I keep getting different error messages.
If anyone has tried with success, please provide some insight.
Hi Nikki

Yes, Lloyd had the same issue.

That's why I posted the last request asking for people who might be interested in one of the "chosen ones" doing that interface on our behalf. It would be pay per use, but right now it seems we have no free way of getting factual in particular (and possibly others) corrected.

If you're interested in a service to do this, and don't want to disclose the number of times you might use the service publicly, feel free to PM me. I'm just looking for ballpark figures from the community to go back to the provider with. My hope is there's enough interest for them to make an interface or package to suit smaller agencies/independent consultants.

Unless someone has a better option for factual?

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