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May 15, 2016
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I used to send all the spam maps to google my business via Twitter. Usually i send them 50-100 fake maps to review and 1 week after they will remove them all or atleast 90 percents of them.
But lately they changed the way you submit the fake maps and i cannot do it via Twitter only via the new form.
The problem is that since they started the new way it seems like everything is stuck. I am waiting more then 3 weeks for them to remove the listings but nothing happens.

Can you think about any solution?
It shouldn't take longer than a couple weeks. If you're sending that many at a time, I'd probably suggest breaking them up into smaller batches. Maybe send 25 at a time and see if you get better results.
Thank you for the advice. I actually did it again with 15 maps. it was a week ago so i am still waiting.

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