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Jul 27, 2012
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*Does a happy dance on International Happy Day*

Two things - I seem to have duplicate G+ pages that are not linked to this account. Two I created in a different profile when G+ first allowed you to have a business page and one was created from the YouTube account when Google split it into business and individual accounts. Can I delete these?

When I go through the process to delete one of the business pags, it is warning me that I will lose the account connected to the page that I want to cancel :O

Any clues?

Secondly, I seem to have an unverified listing alongside my verified one. I don't recall seeing it in the previous account before the upgrade to the Places For Business dashboard. Can you point me in the direction of the thread that tells me what to do? I am sure I remember one from Linda about these duplicates and lots of help queries on the forum.
Woo hoo! Jo's page finally made it!

Your 1st questions, I'm not sure on the G+ side. There are lots of G+ dupes being created for wide variety of reasons. But I"m not sure about deleting and what happens.

I'll ask Kaleh to come over to see if she can help. She's strong than I am on the G+ site.

But re the dupes in dash here is the thread: Warning Email re Google Places Duplicate Listings

Be sure to read the link to Jade's post in post #43.

Also FYI important posts like that, anything to do with Places updates, bugs, guidelines, changes - I always post in the Google+ Local IMPORTANT.

You need to subscribe to that forum via email or grab the RSS feed to be sure you don't miss anything. No one else can start a thread in that section so you won't be bombarded with help posts or off topic posts. It's only the most important G+ L issues.
Hi Jo,

When Google creates Google+ Pages, they create a dedicated "account" for that Google+ Page, along with an automatically created username for that account. It is like a "sub-account" of your main Google Account.

When you go through the steps of deleting that Google+ Page, the messaging is referring to deleting the Page's account ... not the main Google account that owns the Page. It is identifying the account, to be deleted, by referring to the Page's name, as well as referring to the username for that specific Page. You can find that username through Page Settings under Third Party Tools.

Since you have more than one page, with an identical page name, please be sure that you are trying to delete the correct page. Some people actually change the name on the Page, prior to initiating the deletion process, to make sure that there is no confusion about which Page they are deleting. Just note, that in spite of the scary messaging, the account you are deleting is the Page's account ... not the main Google account.
Thanks so much Cathy! Even though G+ still does not make sense to me sometimes, your answer was crystal clear.

I just changed your title to "Google+ Expert".

Thanks again!
Thanks so much Cathy! Even though G+ still does not make sense to me sometimes, your answer was crystal clear.

Could not agree more! I have learned more about the G+ side of things reading your posts than any Google+ help docs I have ever read.

Thanks Kaleh!! Much deserved title.
Thanks Linda and Cathy! Been out of the office all day so great to come back to some answers.

I have not actually received an email - I just noticed the other unverified listing sitting there. Will go see if I can make some sense of it now I have Jade's post.

I have not headed over to my clients' accounts yet to see if they've got the same thing - a job for the weekend! :O

On the Google+ side, I will take Cathy's advice and change the name of the accounts that I want to change - they are all in my business name - before I do any deleting.

What about the YouTube Google+ though? Is there any advice on those?

I don't want to confuse people but I don't want to delete something that I might need because Google changes the rules again in the future... :(

Just a heads up on name changes, just in case you try to change the names multiple times. Google+ Pages have a limitation on name changes. You can only do so 3 times in 12 months and then you get locked out of additional changes until your time period expires. (Note Google+ Profile name changes are limited to 3 times in 2 years.)

Do you mind sharing the URL to the Google+ Page that is connected to the YouTube Channel? I'm assuming that you want to keep the channel, but get rid of the page? Right?

If so, you are going to need to get the YouTube Channel disconnected from the Google+ Page that you want to delete and then connect it to the Google+ Page that you want it to be associated with.

You will most like need the assistance of YouTube Support to switch the YouTube channel to a different page.

Get Help with Google+ on YouTube

For anyone who is needing help with this Google+ YouTube Integration, you can also obtain insight/guidance in the YouTube Google+ Integration Community on Google+.

YouTube Google+ Integration Community


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Thanks for the vote of confidence, Linda!

I would venture to say that Google Local stuff often baffles me as much as Google+ stuff does you! I know that things were never really "simple" before ... but we are definitely getting way beyond what I used to think was simple.


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Thank you for the kind words, Colan!

Sometimes the Help Docs are great, and sometimes they seem to be written with the assumption that the rest of us will somehow just "know" all of what is stored in the brains of the developers. They just somehow don't seem to have been able to put themselves in our shoes and see things through the eyes of those who haven't been working with the development teams. :)

Cathy, I think what you said to Colan applies to so many 'Geeks'.

They don't get a person off the street to actually test out their instructions.

Sometimes they forget really crucial things like press Save because they assume it is obvious! :O
Hi Kaleh

Sorry for the delay - had to get some quiet time to get my head around all this.

In my main g+ account, I have two g+ business pages.

Rather than change the name of the page, I have changed the profile pic so I know which one is which :)

The YouTube channel G+ page is

I can tell because it actually says YouTube in the nav bar rather than videos

The Business page that I created when G+ first allowed it is this one

And the g+ page created by google from my Places page - which is in a totally different g+ account - is

I have added both email addresses to my main Google account.

Google seems to have worked out that the latter two g+ pages are linked somehow because it has added together the users and is showing that score on both pages. (although when you drill into the dashboards, you can see how many followed that particular page)

I am wondering if making my main g+ account a manager on the Places page will bring them both into the same fold. Then I can ask the YouTube guys to connect that g+ page to the right account.

Hopefully, this will also allow me to connect up Analytics on the Places G+.

What do you think?

With Best Wishes
Update - I changed the pictures on the pages rather than the names so I knew which one was which.

I deleted the page I did not want.

I made myself a manager of the one that I did so I now have access to it through one account as the owner and through my regular account as the manager. It has linked to my Analytics account automatically.

As Kaleh suggested, I asked YouTube to merge the G+ page that was automatically created with my regular local business G+ page. They have done that and now my G+ business page shows the tab for my YouTube videos.

Just waiting for confirmation as to whether I should delete the old YouTube video G+ account.
YAY Jo, sounds like it was a pain but sounds like you are making progress.

It's a Holiday here in the states so not sure if Cathy will reply today.
Holiday here too - but looks like no one told us, Linda :p

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