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Oct 30, 2013
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Hi all,

What are we all using to find keywords that generate a 3 pack result ?

Just spent an hour typing various combinations but nothing generated the 3 pack result
That is going to be very dependent on what your goal is and what location you are searching in. If you are trying to determine what types of searches you want your business to appear in a 3-pack for, a lot will be dependent on how many businesses there are that share that category. If you search for "widget store" but there are not any widget stores nearby, then there wont be a 3-pack. but if you do that same search in a city with a dozen widget stores, there's a good chance there will be a 3-pack.

There are some tools out there like Brightedge that will tell you if a tracked keyword has a 3-pack universal result... but without knowing more specifics about what your goal is, hard to say if that would help.
Brightlocal has a feature that tells you if a keyword triggers a pack. Essentially you throw all your keywords into the ranking report and you run it and then once it's done running all the keywords that display a pack will have a little Google my business symbol next to the keyword in the report.

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