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Aug 2, 2012
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Since the Google Pidgeon update my traffic has fallen off markedly. Pre-Pidgeon I had good 7- pack ranking with positive reviews. Post-Pidgeon I see a lot less of the 7-pack. I am ranking from #1 to #3 in the packless organic,and I would think that is good news. My experience, however, suggests that the 7-pack was more effective than high ranking without the 7-pack. For what it is worth! :)
Thanks so much for sharing that Stan.

It's a topic that's often debated with opinions that vary widely.

Sorry it's caused your traffic to drop off.
I also have had my traffic drop sharply. In my main city the 7 pack was reduced to 3 for some reason that I havn't figured out. Also I am not listed in that 3 pack for any search term. I am listed organically between spot 1-5 depending on keyword.

My thoughts on the traffic drop:

Being listed organically in many cases is lower than the packs. Lower listings get less traffic.

Organic listings do not show a star rating which for me is a huge disadvantage. I have worked very hard on getting reviews and at this point they do not help me at all.

At this point I believe traffic to my website has dropped 75%. I only hope that someone figures out why google ranks the business's they do in the local areas. There is actually a listing in the 3 pack for my target city that does not have a website, or a filled out google plus page or even a phone number. If google believes that an empty listing is the best thing to show, I am not sure what I need to do to be listed again.

My also believe that other search directories should be given more attention at this point. People doing local searches on google will begin to try other engines because I don't believe this update is going to give them what they were looking for.
High organic vs 7-pack: My Grassy Knoll Theory

Thanks for the feedback. Consider the difference between the SERP with a 7-pack or 3-pack with review stars, and the SERP without a pack. With the former I think the eye immediately goes to the stars and the 7-pack; with a regular SERP where does the eye go? The SERP is really just a list. The modest distinction of the
"Ad" icon with a yellow background I think is missed by most people. So where does the eye logically go with a "list" SERP? To the top, oh but wait, that is an adwords ad that makes Google more money. Hmm..
Well there are advantages to being in organic and I've had other business owners say their traffic dropped way off when they got in the pack and they wanted their #1 organic listing back. (Back when all results were blended and you could not get lucky and have both.)

With organic, the listing is bigger, you get to craft the title tag the way you want it to read, with all the right keywords. And you get a description which can be compelling.

With a local listing you lose everything above, but of course gain the reviews, location data and map pin.

So I'm with you guys and think a local listing is better BUT it depended on what the consumer is looking for and what makes them click. More context? Bigger listing? Highest on the page listing? That call to action in the description? Or location on the map? Or reviews? Every consumer is different so it's hard to know what their hot button is.
That's a good point Linda, and thanks for the tip on the description. Think I'll try to spiff mine up!
(Back when all results were blended and you could not get lucky and have both.)

Blended results can still happen, as I'm in 7-pack at C and organic #2.


Flux is going daily.

Linda Said: (Back when all results were blended and you could not get lucky and have both.)

Sorry the way I said that was not very clear. I bolded to emphasize that before you could NOT get a double - in blended.

Blended to me was back when Google used to blend the organic and local into a single pack listing and you could not get a double.

Now the results aren't blended like that and usually the 1st 3 - 5 or so listings will be in both organic and the pack on page one.

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