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Oct 15, 2012
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Need to check your website position on Google in another location ( city ) than yours?

Here is a free tool which runs Google queries with local IP addresses on over 40.000 locations around the world:

Free Local Rank Checker - for Google Organic and Blended SERPs

You can also check which are the websites listed on Google 1st page without mentioning an URL to check the rankings for.

It has no premium plans, no hidden fees, no obligations!
Just added a cool feature. If you need to check the difference between Google SERPs titles and real Title tags, localrankchecker com offers this for free ( no registration req )

Hope this will help you with the SEO analysis.

Thanks Serg for sharing.

Anyone that knows how I do research and competitive analysis for on-site SEO knows I really like this feature and appreciate Serg asking my feedback and taking my advice on some features. This will be a big time-saver!
everything seems to work on my side.

I am having the same trouble as Bishop. This is a great tool, and it used to work for me, but I have not been able to use it for over a month now. I just see the blue spinning wheel. I do not any results no matter how long I wait.

I have tried it using the Firefox browser on my PC and on my Lap Top, and it does not work on either machine. I just get the spinning wheel.

I downloaderd Chrome and tried it, and I get the same result. I wish I know what the issue was, because this is a very useful tool. I would appreciate any help to get this working for me.
It was spinning and spinning for me for awhile too, but the last time I tried it, it worked.
Thanks for your reply Linda. Sergiulano mentioned that it works for him too. I wonder why it works for some and not for others?

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