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Jan 12, 2017
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Hello all this is my first post and in fact this post is the reason I tried to find an alternative forum other than Googles own.

I have been using Googles Maps for Business/Google Local since its inception and have been listing and supplying customers for many years using this but late last year all my locations were suspended for quality issues. No warning after many years of being live - just shut down.

I would love some help and assistance in getting these listings live again - what do I need to do.
I have tried to speak to Google through the user forum but no joy at all, when they had telephone support i tried to speak to them was promised calls from someone - never happened.

I believe I know what has to be changed on the text and links for the pages but cannot get anyone to affirm this.

1/ Replace generic central call centre number with a local number answered at the branch.
2/ Replace landing page, currently the front page o for that location.

Is the above true and correct.

I don’t want to start all over again and I don’t want to have to send postcards to the branches because logistically that just does not work for my type of business – due to staff issues – postal issues e.t.c We are not Scammers or a fly by night business – we have been trading since 2004 and have a Trustpiolt rating of 9.4 over a number of years.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully for your help.
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Ouch, getting all your listings suspended is no fun, sorry you're having to deal with that.

The Google My Business help forums are a better place for this, many of the TCs there are active on this forum as well, but that forum's where we can escalate your issue to Google after taking a look at things.

When you post, make sure to include specific information on a branch or two that's been suspended, it's very hard to figure out what's going on without seeing details. As far as your two points, 800 numbers are discouraged, but it's unlikely that you had listings suspended for that reason. The page you link to could be the problem, but usually a suspension only happens if you're sending to a forwarding URL or something. Is your account set up for bulk verification, or did you originally verify each location manually? If it isn't a bulk account, I've seen all the listings get suspended because a single one got picked up for spam, even if the two listings are for completely different businesses. It's possible only one of your locations actually has a problem, and the rest just got swept up too.

Post more details either here or in the GMB forum, hopefully something more helpful will jump out then. Good luck!
I would setup a PPC account with location extensions to the suspended listings. I bet if you do that your maps will be reactivated because you are giving Google money lol. If there is a problem I bet they will point it out.. if not then you call Google Adwords and tell them you trying get your maps to show and to fix it or guide you to the fix.

I hope this helps.. good luck bud
I'm curious, what industry? And what type of locations? Office, retail, residential?

Thank you for reading my post and even more so for replying to it. I did originally post on the Google My Business Help Forums - and got a few responses but nothing of any help. Thats why I started my search for a alternative forum for help. I was a bulk verification customer with the URL going to our main website front page.

Thank you so much for your reply, I also am of a mind that if you spend money with Google their profile and handling of you changes dramatically.
Thank you for your reply and reading my post.

We are a Van (Trucks to our American Cousins) and Car hire company. Our offices are all walk in to branches - real live - physical - depots, which are vehicle hire lots.

I would be more than happy to discuss it further with anyone on here - i just want my listings live again.
Are you able to list the website for the business? Also was it a hard or soft suspension? Hard suspensions only happen if Google think your locations don't exist so they are much worse to deal w/.

If you're not sure what I'm referring to, read this first.
That GMB link does not work for us. It only works for someone that can log into your account.

Can you give us a direct link to the listing on maps?

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