Jul 25, 2012
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I have a Google Plus Business page that I created in the local category in order to try to resolve an issue where a listing would constantly become under review in the Google Places dashboard.

Maple Grove Apartments


My issue is that I currently have two previously claimed listings in my dashboard for this business that I chose to suspend after creating the G+ Biz page. I am wondering if I should delete them or leave them there.


If I press 'delete' from the dashboard, it only gives me the option to "Remove this listing from my Google Places account." These particular listings do not allow me to choose "Remove this listing from Google Maps." Does that mean there is no real POI for those listings I suspended?

Also, should I have the G+ Biz page claimed in the Google Places dashboard as well, or is it enough to have it only created / verified in G+ Biz?





Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Oh dear Russ, this one is so convoluted. Should not have verified in + for 3 reasons.

1) Google says to wait and don't merge.

2) Even if could merge, Google says don't merge with a G+L if it has data problems. Chronic pending review suggests data problem to me.

3) Even if # 1 and 2 were non-issues verifying in G+ is not going to fix a problem in the Places dashboard.

The big issue now is that once you verify in G+ you can't edit anything in dash.

AND should not have deleted in dash after verifying in G+

AND the fact there were 2 in dash is likely why you were pending to begin with. That's a serious violation.

Don't have time to dig in now. Will try this weekend if I get a chance but have consulting clients that need to be priority.
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