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Oct 17, 2012
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I have a G+ listing/map for one of my three stores that will not show in google search results for the name of the store and any city closeby--except the actual city of the store's location.

For example, if you search for the store name in the city of the store's location, the map is displayed. But, if you search for the store name in the city of any nearby city, the map is NOT displayed.

This is very odd behavior that started on September 26, 2012. Prior to that the map DID show up when searching for it along with city names that are within 30 miles or so. (I also have two other stores with similar listing in nearby cities that show up when search for the store name in nearby cities.)

It seems like google has "lost" the cross-referencing of this one particular listing with the other geographical areas that are near the actual store location. How can I get google to "re-index" the store's listing/map so that it shows up when people are searching for it "nearby" and not just in the store's actual city?

Here is use case to demonstrate problem: search for "Good Feet Brandon, FL" and you will get Good Feet in Brandon map. Now, search for "Good Feet Tampa, FL" and you will get my other stores that are nearby--but not the Brandon listing which is in a city adjacent to Tampa. To prove the problem is specific to my listing, you can also try the above use case for Costco. If you search for "Costco Brandon, FL", you will see Costco in Brandon. If you search for "Costco Tampa", you will also see Costco in Brandon (and Clearwater). Up until September 26, the behavior for Good Feet in Brandon mirrored the behavior you now see for Costco. But, since that time the Good Feet store in Brandon has "disappeared" from google map results--unless user searches specifically in Brandon.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!
Hi Mark,

Not sure about the search location aspect as I'm seeing different results than you, but I need LOTS of problems on this listing that I suspect could cause a ranking penalty.

Here is link to G+ page: Good Feet - About - Google+

Remember the old Places dashboard allowed for a 200 character description? And also you may or may not know that repeating city, some say repeating name and phone and even using caps OR a big string of keywords could cause problems and even ranking penalties.

So wow - that intro. There is not an explicit limit that I know of, but you turned an intro into a 2 page web site. CITY REPETITION and KEYWORD REPETITION PLUS CAPS which all scream "spammer" to the Google algo. I see lots of problems on this listing that I suspect could cause a ranking penalty.

I count TAMPA 5 TIMES AND IN BOLD CAPS TO BOOT. Without knowing for certain, I could almost bet that this caused a penalty for Tampa keywords. (The other listing does not have this particular problem, so may be why it shows and this one does not.)

Is this category in dashboard? "Foot Pain Plantar Fasciitis Relief Store"
If so I think that could be considered category stuffing.

Note that your Clearwater store DOES show for Tampa search. It has a REALLY spammy description, but it's the old 200 char description and Tampa is only listed once, not 5 times. "Tampa Foot Pain Feet Pain Arch Supports Heel Pain Orthotics Orthopedics Shoes Inserts Arch Supports Heel Pain Good Feet Foot Pain Solutions Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics Foot Fasciitis Arch Supports”

Really surprised that description hasn't gotten a penalty too.

I see other issues on these listings, but am out of time to do more research. Hope that shines a light and helps point you in the right direction.


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