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Feb 5, 2013
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Hi All,

This could have already been addressed but the flu had me out for awhile-

Are there changes to G+ Local phone support? Or to the overall G+ Local support process?

2 weeks out makes me feel like I'm 2 years behind in my Google life:confused:
Sorry you've been sick Amber. I got a cold and laryngitis for Christmas and am still sick.
Tis the Season for bugs to circulate! :(

Nothing changed that I know of. Why do you ask? Did you have a problem?

I think the option only shows during regular business hours and I am not sure how Holiday hours work.
They may be closed today?
Nothing's changed as far as I know either. Hope you feel better.
Rawly & Linda,

Really appreciate y'all taking the time to check it out. I think my brain was still a little foggy from all the cough medicine:rolleyes:

I think you were right though, Linda, the option for phone support wasn't displaying and I'm sure it was due to the holidays. I guess I missed Google's email to request off so I am letting them slide this time ;)

Hope you were able to rest and recover from your cold and laryngitis! These viruses are hitting sudden and severe this season!

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