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Nov 14, 2012
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Has anyone else noticed that the number of reviews being display does not match the actual number of reviews showing? I have noticed it this morning for several listings that I have that they are not matching. G temporary bug?

I think we've seen this issue before, but don't recall what the problem was.
Hey Scott, this often happens when reviews get filtered. It can take some time for Google to update the totals. Is the number being displayed actually higher than the actual number of reviews?

Do you have any examples we could look at? Looking at the cached version of the page might reveal the answer.
I'm seeing the same thing too.

The most annoying thing is that they're all legitimate customers.
Colan - nothing has been filtered. They all show on the live page. Just the number not matching up with the actual reviews.
I'm seeing them on the live page too, even in the My Business page. Just the count is wrong.
Thanks Linda! I am staring to see examples come into the GMB forum now as well. Let's see what Google says.
Here's another thread: <a href="">Re: number of reviews are different from actual reviews</a>

Plus see 2 comments from @David M in this thread.

He said support told him possibly 2 weeks for a fix. Read rest of his reply above.

We've asked Google, but I don't think we've gotten a direct update yet.
It looks like this is a known issue, but no timeline for a fix as of yet.

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