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Jan 3, 2020
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Does anyone here use GatherUp and know how to find the CID link in the GatherUp Dashboard? I know I can get it from Google Maps, but I want to compare that to what's in the GatherUp dashboard for a profile that is having issues. I put a support ticket into GatherUp, but am thinking I won't hear back until Monday and was hoping someone else knows how to find it.

Hi Tricia, you can find each locations review links by first clicking into a location --> Settings (left side bottom) --> Online review links. If for some reason your location is using a Google review link without the CID number then you will want to go and use GatherUps Chrome extension that will get you the CID for you as well.
Thanks, unfortunately the review link has the PlaceId and not CID. Would it possibly be somewhere in a review widget for the website?
Thanks for everyone's help. I forgot to respond back here. The original issue was that the profile was removed from the map, so I was looking for it in the GatherUp account since the extension wouldn't work in this specific instance. It's been resolved. Thanks!

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