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Oct 29, 2019
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Is anyone else seeing a complete drop-off of GBP insights? I will provide some screenshots of my clients but I am seeing their data completely fall to 0 on feb 6th and make no bounce back.... or the data just stops on the 6th. Anyone else experiencing this?

gbp 3.jpg

GBP 2.jpg

GBP 1.jpg
Looks like that's across multiple accounts on your end too.

I'm not seeing it here on any of ours. The 6th was a Sunday, so there was a drop for most of our service type businesses, but others stayed strong, and all had their normal rebound for Monday.

If you change from the view you're in and go into the NEW Insights view, then set the from/to month to be February for both of these, does it show data any differently?
I am seeing the same thing on some accounts. Data is missing in the New Insights as well on those accounts.

Just another day of glitches with GBP reporting. It will probably show up and backfill later.

Just like the January 31st data on some accounts. Some of the accounts that were missing data for that day now have data. A few are still blank.
Yes, I have this gap showing up for some clients also. Let's hope it backfills...

GBP feb 6 gap.jpg
It's Friday and I am still seeing the data lag. Has anybody heard anything from Google Support or their listing managers?

Seeing the same problem in a few accounts. Frustrating when we're trying to show client improvements and Google cannot deliver the data.

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