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Jan 3, 2020
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I've been able to edit the GBP website ( but I'm in a profile that hasn't set one up yet and I'm not seeing the option to create it. Did Google hide it or maybe I can't see it for looking at it?? Anyone come across this and know where to find it?

Here's what I see:


Here's mine with the place right under the website to edit it:


Hi Tricia, here is a fairly recent post by @kennyk3 with what may seem like a different issue, but ultimately a very similar problem to what you are experiencing: Question about a very strange issue related to

I've been unable to find the "create" on any of our client GBP's. However, I know that it was there when the NMX first rolled out. Hoping that one of the GBP guru's would share their wisdom on what is going on.
Thanks! I have another new profile that doesn't have the option to add a page. I think it's a bug. I'll comment on that post.

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