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Nov 20, 2014
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Hey Guys,

Let's say you have a client who is in a very small town say 5000 people and it's also surrounded by other small towns with lower populations, how do you geo-tag your main pages?
or do you just focus on GEO tagging dedicated location pages and leave geotagging out of homepage and service pages?

This is an example I saw earlier so in this case, the business might be in Hummelstown but obviously, that isn't a large enough population to run a business on as its under 5,000 population.

Google just announced that image geo tags are deprecated from XML sitemaps:


We've done some testing on this and know that geotagging photos don't help with ranking on Google Maps.
Sorry, I've not been clear,

I mean in the meta tags lets say the title tag of the homepage as an example

Would it include Hummelstown i,e the location keyword

so for instance if it's a title tag

Painting contractor in Hummelstown | Trekkers Painting Company (with location keyword)

Painting Contractor Services | Trekkers Painting Company (without location keyword)

Would you leave out location keywords for the homepage and service pages and just focus on location keywords for dedicated location pages, and maybe build out a location page even for the town they are in?
If their only location is in Hummelstown, then I would include "Hummelstown" in the homepage title tag/meta description.

Ironically, I live about :30 from Hummelstown. I'd recommend using "Hershey" and "Harrisburg, PA" in the homepage's title tag - at least until you have dedicated Hershey and Harrisburg pages.

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