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Sep 5, 2013
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Get Listed has been acting wonky since yesterday afternoon.

Anyone else with problems?
I've been having problems with GetListed for the last 6 months or more. I don't know what you've been seeing, but it seems like most of the time I run a scan (which is several times per week) it usually tells me that it can't locate listings for several sites, when I know that they are there.

For example, it will say 'no listing found on Yelp' - but there is in fact a listing that matches perfectly with the NAP requested.
Is it a Yelp without any Reviews?

Recently Getlisted will say it doesn't see it, but that is only if there are no reviews attached.

Since yesterday I have been getting blanks. I enter search and then it's like the system just gives me nothing.
Interesting...I didn't know that about Yelp listings without reviews. That covers the missing Yelp listings, but I also have problems with other sites e.g. Factual, Bing, etc.
Thanks for the comments, everyone. Yelp indeed will no longer show us listings unless the listing has a review. We realize this is not ideal behavior, but we've been back to them multiple times and continue to get the same answer.

As to the blank results, we'd LOVE to hear about these. If you click the "Feedback" tab on the righthand side of the screen, it'll send a screenshot of the business you're looking up directly to our engineering team.
Thanks for weighing in David. I'll make sure to use the feedback tool when I see missing listings.
Yes, thanks for stopping by to weigh in David!

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