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Mar 15, 2016
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Get More Reviews: How to Craft a Review Management Strategy for Your Clients

When we bring up online reviews, small business owners almost always have a visceral reaction. Online reviews are a polarizing topic. Negative reviews can crush a business, while positive reviews can accelerate bringing in new customers.

Developing a review management strategy is akin to a spider in the rain forest. Always crafting the perfect web to ensnare their dinner. Every day another challenge tears a hole in their web ? a tropical thunderstorm, an errant toucan, an overzealous tree frog. But the spider keeps spinning that web. It?s a never ending process of setting up the dinner table, just like our review marketing strategy.

To see the fruits of our review management strategy, we need to build our digital spider web with well thought out planning and execution.

As we onboard new clients for our review management services, we need to have specific goals in mind for the client?s company.

We need goals for:

  • Aggregate Star Ratings
  • Review Recency
  • Review Site Diversity

Discussion Question:

What goals/expectations do you set when bringing in a new review management client?

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This looks like just what consultants here need to help their clients get reviews.
Thanks for sharing Garrett!

Can't wait to read!

What do you guys think???
Anything to add?
Thank you Linda!

I think, with every service, it's important to set expectations and have goals set.

While there still needs to be more research on the impact of aggregate ratings, review recency, and review diversity, having some benchmark goals can better help frame the service for clients.

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