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Sep 13, 2012
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What's up with the free tool on I tried to do a search today, and I got a pop-up window asking for my email to sign up to their newsletter. After clicking "No Thanks" a couple of times, and being kicked back to the search page, I entered an email address, and still got kicked back. It looked like my results were in the background in both cases, but upon exiting the pop-up, I could not get to my results page, regardless of opting into the sign up.

Anybody know what's going on?

Hi Cindy,

GetListed was just acquired by SEOmoz, so maybe something is in transition.

Here is the announcement.
BREAKING: SEOmoz Acquires GetListed David Mihm

David weighed in on another issue that was raised by another member and gives his personal email in post #7.

He'll likely see this post and stop by as well, but just email and I'm sure he'll be happy to help.
Thanks, Linda. I saw this announcement yesterday, but think I read that there were not going to be any changes to short term. Hopefully, this is just a programming glitch related to the pop-up. I'll wait for David to stop by.

Hi Cindy,
Yeah, that's a temporary bug that appears to be related to the traffic increase from the announcement. You definitely do NOT need to enter your email there, and once you say "no thanks" that pop up *shouldn't* show up again. Ever, as long as you use the same browser.

Our (SEOmoz's) director of engineering and I have been at the BIA Kelsey conference in LA all week, unfortunately, so it's been harder for us to address this for everyone than we would have liked.

Out of curiosity can you share the approximate time you were using the site? It might help us diagnose the bug a little better.

Sorry for my slow response, but I see that the problem is now corrected. Appreciate the quick turn around. Thanks!

Happy to hear it!
Please don't hesitate to email me directly if it comes back -- -- we definitely want the user experience to be seamless with our transition over to SEOmoz.


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