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Jun 10, 2016
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Hi, I have a client who wants to get their kiosk business GMB verified inside another business.

Similar to this kiosk inside Walmart:


* note the "located in..."

Can anyone tell me how it's done?

Hey @FatSniper

You would need to go through GMB support so they can manually verify it if they determine it qualifies for a listing.
I'm not sure. I do know that their is a line in the sand somewhere I just don't know where it is. It's one of those scenarios (kiosks) that are vaguely touched on in the quality guidelines and don't really fit into a traditional local business model so Google seems to deal with them on a case by case basis.

I would assume if there is an accurate GMB category like in the example you provided you should be good.
@FatSniper, I'm curious: what's the kiosk business, what's the containing business, and how do the ownership and branding differ?

If the "located in" isn't too important to you (yet), you can probably get it verified without having to go through GMB support. Just a plan B to Colan's suggestion, which might be the better way.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your feedback. Very insightful.

I found out some things. It won't be a kiosk. It'll be a sales partnership. They will have an agreement that states they may use their store in a GMB, though.

So, here's what they need/do:

It's barber shop but they are selling barber supplies via barbers in that shop (sort of like an affiliate)

They need to use the shop's address

Need to use one single phone number in multiple shops (potentially hundreds)

MUST say "located in..." xyz barber shop

There will be signage of some form at the shop, like a poster and stuff.

Thanks for the clarification. in order for this to work they need to be a legally separate business with their own corporate record indicating that they are at that address.

They'd also need to be targeting different categories inside Google My Business or else Google would just keep marking the listing as a duplicate of the original.

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