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Jun 28, 2012
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Getting Local Content from Clients is Like PULLING TEETH, right?

Looking for yet more ideas for great local content?

I was reading our newest sponsor's blog. Local Market Launch just started with us this week and here is the announcement that will tell you all about what they offer.

Now, since they are a national company, I'm pretty sure they are not trying to rank for Santa Barbara. However, as I read the questions in their "Featured Employee" post below, it occurred to me, this is a great and easy way to generate local content for your clients. (Some tips below.)

<a href="">Featured Employee: Collin Gall - Local Market Launch</a>

What is your favorite activity in Santa Barbara?

I really enjoy all outdoor and beach activities. One of my favorite things to do is play ultimate frisbee on the beach. I also really like hiking. My favorite hike would have to be Inspiration Point, which is a moderate hike, about 7 miles round trip. It has great views of Santa Barbara and you can see all the way out to the Channel Islands on a clear day.

What is your favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara?

My favorite restaurant would have to be Red Pepper, a Chinese place in Goleta. Definitely some of the best Chinese food in town.

You could also ask things like how long have to lived in Santa Barbara and why did you move here?

So anyway my thought is that, as a consultant you could create a nice little questionnaire to send your client and ask the owner and some staff to fill it out. Then space them out in blog posts and do maybe one "Featured Employee" Or "Team Highlights" post a month.

You could also do a "Customer Spotlight" by creating an email interview your client could send to choice customers. Since their customer is going to give them content they would not have to write or pay someone to write, I would encourage incentivizing it. "You've been chosen as one of our loyal customers to be featured in our monthly "Customer Spotlight". If you could take 10 minutes out of your day to complete this interview, we'll put your name in lights AND give you a Movie 4 pack." (Or $20 Red Robin gift card or whatever.)

A moving company for instance could ask:

What do you hate most about moving?
What's your best moving or packing tip?
Why did you move to Santa Barbara?
Now that you are here, what's your favorite thing about Santa Barbara?
What would you tell a friend that was moving about our service?

Combine it with THIS idea and automate it!

<a href="">BRILLIANT Idea for Local Landing Pages! Automated Customer Content</a>

More inspiration AND a free tool from Don Campbell in Part 1:

<a href="">Getting Content from Local Clients is Like PULLING TEETH! Part 1 - Tips, Tricks & Tools</a>

And be sure to check out more ideas at our dedicated "Local Content" forum.

Curious? Do most of you have an in-house writing team or do you outsource? I've used writeraccess and several others with great success and I also have an in-house writer. I gotta say I'm not a writer and appreciate anyone who has the gift. When we do use outside resources we come up with all the Titles for our clients content.

What are some your methods for writing content?
Holly, here is a great local content writer I just used to write this post:

<a href="">Multi-Location SEO: City Page Content the Easy Way (From a Local Content Writer)</a>

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