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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, since the buzz nowadays is all about video being 80% of marketing efforts I have to ask this question please.

I am thinking when I do a search on google for any service, I will look at the 3 pack or the listings and click on one of those. I wouldn't naturally click on any youtube video so is it worth it to invest all of the time and effort which would be required to get a service video on page one?
I agree, I would not normally go to a Youtube video off of a Google search while looking for a service.

However, if you are going to take time to create videos, then I would do that with the goal of uploading it to the GMB listing. If I've already clicked on your listing while doing research, I am much more likely to view a video there so I can better evaluate your business then going to a Youtube channel.
I would say that it depends on the service. If it is one where people cannot make a decision quickly and normally do a lot of research in advance, then a video makes total sense.

Also, I can imagine that video testimonials would attract clicks if they can make it to page 1 in Google SERP.

@Yan Gilbert I guess the point of the video being on youtube is to outrank your competitors and helps in cases where your GMB listing doesn't show up. Adding a video to your GMB listing wouldn't be of much use in this case. People just won't see it.

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