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Jun 28, 2017
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Hello Local experts,

I've noticed that a significant amount of suggested edits were accepted in the last 2 days. I'm talking about keyword-stuffed business names which were pending for months.

It is either a coincidence or due to my local guide ranking or Google has finally decided to check the edits faster.

In any case, the situation is still crazy and this is something all major local experts I've talked to agree. Not to mention that having keywords in the GMB profile name is a local ranking factor according to the studies that we all have read. The funny part: Google may display a message after each editing spammy listings saying: "[FONT=&quot]changing the name of a business does not affect its ranking" or something like that.

I hope the time has come to stop crap on the map!

I had 6 unexpected old edits approved in the last couple of days too
Some larger ones I do get hung up for a while. The example is with a national insurance agency's franchise location; they had a keyword stuffed name in one of the branches, and it took a few weeks to get approved.

If we're talking about blatant map spam or smaller, relatively unknown (in the grand scope of Google Maps) companies, then yeah I agree that I'm seeing the same thing.
Wow, when I published the post I changed my mind but it seems it does happen to other people too.

Interestingly, today I've edited a keyword-stuffed business name which was denied earlier but now it became almost immediately approved. So they might be changing their policy.

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