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Apr 2, 2016
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I'm working with a client that is in an office building where one of the other tenants is in the same industry (they have different suite numbers) - I thought I read something about Google filtering out one of the businesses in this situation (which appears to be happening) - does anyone have information on this?
Hey Brent,

This is a very common scenario. This "proximity" filter started back when the Possum filter was announced.

There are things you can do to improve the chances of not being filtered and/or to recover from being filtered.

Are you able to share the business details as well as the keyword(s) that they are being filtered for?
Hi Colan,
Thanks for your response. The business is Idaho Medical Association Financial Services in Boise ( and I'm wondering if its maybe being filtered for broad terms like Financial Planner in Google Maps? Thanks
Hey Brent,

At first glance it doesn't have the traditional signals that it's being filtered. What is the other business that you suspect is filtering them?
Hi Colan,
I agree, the more I look into it, its just needs more work. Thanks for taking the time to look and respond. Would be interested in knowing more what to look for - have you come across a good article on this subject?

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