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Nov 14, 2018
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Attempted to remove or change image category but the images revert back to the original category even after a refresh. Thought it was cache, so signed out and used another browser. This is happening to "Exterior" images in our account. Not sure if this is a bug or Google is trying to guess the category of an uploaded image to GMB. Couldn't find anything specific on this either in the guidelines or community.

The specific images we tried to change aren't really an optimization factor at this point, it's just that it drives the account managers crazy. 🤣😂😆:LOL:

Here's a quick screencast example: BUG GMB IMAGES?
I ran into this recently and thought I was just going crazy. If you want to post this on the GMB forum, I'd be happy to escalate it for you and send it to Google. It sounds like a technical issue.

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