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Feb 6, 2016
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Have noticed w/ a bunch of accounts lately that when I login to their GBP profiles, they have ONE category. All other categories deleted. Hours like Takeout, Happy Hour, Lunch, dinner etc deleted. Attributes don't seem to have been affected. URL's switched from location pages or UTM parameter URL's to home page. When I update the info, google just reverts it back. Maybe somehow associated w/ the recent spam attack? Seems like Google is just kind of falling apart at the seems. Anyone have insight or seen this? Hasn't happened to all accounts but a lot.
It sounds like you might have a 3rd party tool connected to your listing that is overwriting this. You can see what apps currently have access to change your account here: Sign in - Google Accounts. Look for things listed under the third-party apps section that say they have access to manage business listings.
Thank you!

So if you have Publer connected to your account you can't make updates directly? what do you use for a 3rd party tool in this case? ( to schedule gbp posts but not have it..wipe our direct updates...)?
I'm not super familiar with them. When you login to their dashboard, does it allow you to edit your listing in there?
I don't think so. I have others as well - had Whitespark, dba, ahrefs etc. I didn't know ahrefs got their dirty little fingers in there as well ;) Kidding, ( sort of ). But the situation as I think about it is different - this is going into your gbp and info is just scraped. Info is just scraped from where it had been, which is different than updating info and those updates not taking or sticking. A basic primary category and no other subs, urls reverted back to basic homepage from previous location pages w/ UTM's...kind of weird. This has happened w/ other gbp accounts as well.
I would start by reaching out to GBP support then and see what they say.

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