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Oct 1, 2015
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there is a new housing development being erected by my client and he would like to have a Google listing for it. I found a "Housing Development" category on the list in the Google My Business dashboard.

My question is whether I can create and verify such a listing? Will it comply with the GMB guidelines? And finally, can I put a website and phone number of the company that builds that housing development?

I would be glad for some help :)
You can set up a Google my business listing for the sales and leasing office. But you can't create a listing for the Housing Development as a whole.

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To Colan's point, if the sales office is at the development and has a unique address, phone number, and customer facing hours, then you can use that as your "development" listing. But if you have a sales office off-site, then there really isn't a way to create a listing for the development itself aside from the sales office.
there is a new housing development being erected...

In addition to what the guys said, if there is or will be an office there, you should not try to create a listing until it's ready to be open. So no listing during the construction phase.
Thank you all for the answers! :)

Will the competitors' verified listings for housing development be removed then, if someone reports them?
If they are in violation of Google's guidelines then yes they will.

Often reporting them on Google Maps doesn't work at least the first few times around. Sometimes you'll need to post over at the Google My Business Forum highlighting the listings that are breaking the guidelines.

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