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Sep 24, 2018
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Hi All,
I have a client who operates a skydiving center about an hour outside of a major city. In an attempt to better serve tourists and customers living in the city, he has opened an office in the city center which will be staffed to take reservations, answer questions and also provide shuttle service to the skydiving center from the city.

I want to create a GMB listing for his new office location, but I'm unsure of a few things:
1. Would this qualify as "multi-location" business - i.e. would the business name and category stay the same as the GMB listing for his physical location?
2. If it's not considered a "multi-location" business, should I modify the business name in some way to reflect the difference between the two locations? Should I use a different category?

I imagine this situation is applicable to other businesses like wineries, kayaking tours, whitewater rafting, etc. Does anyone have experience setting up and managing listings for a business with a similar operations set up?

Thanks so much for your assistance!
Based on your description, since they are both staffed and open to the public (not home-based or a virtual office etc), they'd both be eligible for listings. I'd be sure to add photos of the new location that clearly show the company branding and where customers show up to get help.
Hi Joy,
Thank you so much for your response! I can't believe I got a reply from THE Joy Hawkins :)

Do you think it would be advisable to use the same business name for both locations or should they have different names? For example, "ABC Skydiving" (for the physical location) and "ABC Skydiving Reservation Office" (for the city office)?

I know the GMB guidelines are pretty clear about using only the "real world name" of the business and not adding additional information; however, I don't want to confuse or mislead customers about the services offered at each location.

Thank you again for your help!
Haha. Well since we bought the forum I do plan on hanging out here a lot ;)

I think your naming convention makes perfect sense and will make it much clearer to users. I don't think they would consider the "Reservation Office" to be a descriptor. To be safe, just make sure the location has a sign up that specifically says "ABC Skydiving Reservation Office".

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