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Nov 14, 2012
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I have my first international client with a location in Greece. I'm certainly not familiar with international GMB listings and have not found much info for it. This client is a plastic surgeon and he would like the listing to be in English (not sure if that's even possible). I appreciate any advice or direction on how to create and verify a listing in Greece.
You can list in English. Many businesses does this in Greece as the top searchers are tourists!
Same verification process like US, postcard/phone call triggered unless client is eligible for bulk verification.
Thanks. Can I set the listing up through a regular dashboard? Do I have to use a specific dash for Greece? Being my first one, I honestly have no idea.
Hi @Scott Rawlins , you should have no problems creating the listing in English for a business in Greece. You will see the profile in the language that you have configured GMB to.
With regards to using English for the business name it should also be fine, but you should also add the name in Greek. You can do so by suggesting an edit in the Local Finder.


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