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Feb 26, 2021
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We have set the businesses online order link as the "Preferred Link" for a restaurant client. Yet it still lists the third party link only on the Search and maps listing. See below. The preferred selection was made a while ago. Suggestions on how to fix this.

Preferred Link - should actually say:

Preferred Third Party Provider Link - I assume the link you are trying to have shown is your own online ordering, and or not a recognised third party provider.

You can Opt Out that provider as preferred provide:

But, I will draw your attention to this:

Important: If there's only one provider for a restaurant, requesting to remove that provider will result in the removal of the 'Order online' button.
This issue already occurred last October and was then fixed, but is now unfortunately back - see our discussion on the forum here.

If you added your link and that there are third-party providers links, the order section will show up on the knowledge panel with only the third parties links. If you added your link and that there's no third-party providers link, the order section won't even appear on the knowledge panel.

We opened 2 tickets with Google support 3 weeks ago and discussed with them back and forth. They last claimed to have escalated the issues with their specialist team but we've yet to hear back from them ... and our links are still missing from the knowledge panels.

So either it's still the old bug or, as Tim mentioned above, this section is now only meant to display third-party links and our own links can't be displayed any longer.

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