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Sep 12, 2018
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I have used Darrens Whitespark keywork ranking tool in the past, are there any other ways of tracking local keywords. I currently use bright local however this is abit limited.


There are lots of tools out there, some costly some not so much.
Many of the standard SEO tracking tools have now developed a level of location search.

There are two important points.
1) No keyword tracking tool is perfectly accurate, nor will two tools show the same result. There will be variances in the local packs even between a computer and phone sitting in the same spot doing the same search from the same IP address. Any rank tracking tool is "indicative" and "probable", not "definite".
2) Pick a tool and stick with it. Look for trends and confirmation of those trends in your analytics / insights.

The two tools you've mentioned are used widely. There are a ton of tools that will do this for you. @Andrew Shotland published a good one here he keeps updated: Tagging him in so he can comment.

I personally use a variety of tools, depending on how I'm needing to look at the data. BrightLocal is what I'm using for a lot of my customer reporting.
Brightlocal, PlePer and Ahrefs.
Have you tried

What are you trying to accomplish with the tool that others you mentioned haven't succeeded at?
Big vote for Places Scout. It's much, much more in depth of a local ranking tracker and is my preferred method of rank tracking.
not sure what you're trying to do...but brightlocal is the best rank report platform for local businesses...and it's the cheapest.

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