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Nov 10, 2015
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Our retail stores have an auto maintenance/repair service attached to the main building. This service business has separate hours, phone number, staff, signage, entrance, etc. I broke these service centers out about 2 years ago due to customers thinking they had the same hours/phone as the retail space.

Now I have Google flagging these service businesses as duplicate listings to the retail stores. I'm not sure how to remove the duplicate tag and validate them as needed for customer experience.

Is there a better process for maintaining the separate listings without being harassed by Google?
You mean marked as dupes in the dash? If so, try assigning a store code to each and see if that works.
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, I do mean duplicate in the dash. The service listings already have a store code for each location separate from the retail store code.

Any other thoughts?

Are both listings linking to the same domain? Are they linking to different URLs on that domain?

Do any of the categories on both listings overlap?
Hi Joy,

Both listings go to the same URL location pages, but neither have overlapping purpose. The retail listings are for the retail stores and the auto service is for car/truck repair and maintenance.

Is the URL the determining factor for separate listings?


I spoke to someone at Google and was told having both listing types resolve to the same location page on our site is what's triggering the duplicate status.

Thanks for confirming. That's what I assumed was doing it.

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