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Oct 15, 2015
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I used to be able to call the Google Ads support number and then pick an option that would transfer me to GMB support. Does that phone support still exist? I'm guessing no due to Covid. If anybody has a phone number that works, can you please share it.
Hey Scott, I chatted Google Ads support to get a GMB listing issue fixed and that greatly expedited the process.
Seems that social support is still not functioning which is a shame as there is a few issues for my clients it would really helpful in resolving at this stage

@Lanerizz is that the chat you access through the help dropdown ?
Is everyone else still only able to contact support through email/form

Still no movement within the social support team?

Just got a lot of tickets on the go at the moment
Yes, that is still the case. Fingers crossed some of the other channels open up in the near future.
Looks like Chat Support is back. Got connected on it earlier and got an issue resolved that was taking weeks previously with the back-and-forth of email between us and GMB Support. Hopefully it stays for good this time.

Google Chat.png
I just tried to do a support call regarding a Google Ads issue. When I entered in my client's google ads account number, I got a message saying that due to Covid, there is no phone support. (Thanks support is done by remote workers anyway, right??) I called back and this time used my MCC account number and was able to get through. At that point I gave them my client's account number. So it seems that Google support is sometimes allowing support. You just have to give them the right number.

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