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Jan 3, 2020
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I am assuming that the GMB profile in question has been suspended because of the issues I can see. It's no longer showing up in their GMB dashboard, but it's live on the Google Map. The business said they only had one email as a user on the account. When I view the listing on the map, it doesn't have "manage this listing" or "Own this Business?" options.

It has issues, which is why I believe it's been suspended. The business didn't receive an email saying it was suspended, it was simply removed from their dashboard.

I would like to be able to access it and clean it up, but can't without having access. Has anyone had one that was removed from their dashboard when it was suspended (again my assumption)? What does this mean?
I have heard of this a couple of times and usually, Google says the user removed themselves from the listing. If it's still showing in the search results, you should be able to re-verify it and get ownership back.
Thanks @JoyHawkins He claims he didn't remove it, but you never know.

To make matters worse, I just checked the listing and it looks like google has now completely removed it from the map. It was there when I posted this yesterday. Now it's not on the map or in his dashboard. Unfortunately it is the one correct listing that he had.

I'm assuming to fix this, I would need to put in a request on the GMB community help forum? Is that correct?
  • There were several listings (hence the problem) I was going to cleanup and get rid of.
  • Because they are no longer in the dashboard, how can I clean up these bad listings that are still on the map but were removed from his dashboard? I am assuming they will cause problems when trying to get the correct and good listing back.
This GMB is basically a hot mess, but I'd like to get it cleaned up.

As a side note, I did find "Manage this listing" or "Own this business?" on desktop, but not on mobile on listings he doesn't have in his dashboard. I even checked my own listing and am not seeing it anymore in mobile view. Did Google remove or hide this somewhere on mobile view? I remember seeing this on mobile in the past.

Thank you for your help!
I'll see if I can find the link to the old listing. Can you share the name, address, and phone number?
I have the link. Thankfully I got it when it was on the map.

Let me check with the business and confirm he wants me to proceed with getting it fixed and I will send the link.

As long as you have the link, you should be able to contact GMB support and ask them to restore it.
Thanks @JoyHawkins Appreciate it. Now to convince the business the other listings were spam and caused this problem and get the map cleaned up.
@JoyHawkins I reached out to Google and they have added the business profile back to the dashboard. As I suspected, it's suspended.

I believe the suspension caused it to be removed from the dashboard. I think you had other cases of profiles being removed from dashboards recently.

I have submitted all of the information to get reinstated, however after doing so, another listing is now showing on the map as Permanently Closed at a very old address. I had checked numerous times and this listing didn't show up on the map until now.

I want to claim it and mark it an not permanently closed, but It's a duplicate of the one that is suspended, except at an old address.

The issue is that while the suspension is being worked on when you Google the business, the Permanently Closed is what comes up.

I'm assuming I need to simply wait until the suspension is resolved before trying to do anything with it. Are there any options other than wait for it to be reinstated?
Yeah, I would wait and once it's reinstated, ask GMB support to mark the old one as moved to the new one.
Thanks @JoyHawkins That was the plan and this morning I woke up to an email from Google saying the listing was reinstated. I'm glad they moved quickly on it as it had 160 reviews and it was a hard suspension.

I'll reach out to them to get the other merged. Thank you for your help!

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