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Jun 28, 2012
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As Phil and Mike pointed out before sleepy head over here on the West Coast woke up today, Google is now promoting Google My Business right on the Google home page.

Here is the landing page the Google My Business link goes to. I just have to point out what it says at the bottom of that page after it shows the 3 simple steps to get on Google.

<strong>That’s it. Really.

That’s all it takes to connect your business with customers on Search, Maps and Google+.


Really? That's all it takes???

So there you have it. So easy even a monkey could do it!

Guess we are all out of a job. LOL!

Guess I'll cancel my new Advanced Google My Business Training too! ;)

But seriously folks, that front page ad should promote more interest in GMB. After businesses do the 3 simple steps, find they don't rank, get warnings their page is suspended as a dupe or hit some other roadblock, they'll be calling you.

Kudos to Google for the upgrade and making everything so much more streamlined. They really did do a great job on GMB, so I'm not negating that at all! It's just that ranking, with over 200 factors is not as easy as those 3 steps. And there are still lots of complicated and confusing issues that can come up along the way.

<meta property="og:type" content="article"><meta property="og:title" content=""><meta property="og:description" content="So there you have it. So easy even a monkey could do it! Guess we are all out of a job. LOL">
<meta property="og:image" content="">

Yes, that landing page brought out Linda's snarkier side! :p
Sharing my G+ post so you can see comments there too.
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