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Apr 28, 2024
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Our competition has multiple google local guide accounts. They use these to make edits to maps and our GMB. They not only do this to us, but to every competing business in town. Which initially gets us removed from google pending verification, then a suspension, etc. This has happened to me and every other local business in the rental industry many many times in the last two years. I believe we are currently at 6. 2 unrecoverable profiles after multiple suspensions and not winning appeals. We also lose all of our reviews. At this point probably 200 total reviews. I have an active restraining order on this gentleman, as its gone to far. Google is only part of what he is doing to us. Secondly, he has plotted one of his 4 businesses (all the same business) directly at a major hotels front door where we are a vendor. You think to yourself, this should be easy for google to disprove. You would be wrong. Both myself and management at the hotel have tried to make edits through google. Google rejects them all! Literally, he is plotted at the front door of a major hotel and google won't boot it. He has another business listed to the direct East of the hotel. Because he has multiple high level google guide accounts that he uses to decimate all of us, there is nothing we can do. How do I know this, because sometimes google posts the pictures where the high level local guides have submitted edits with pictures. I have pictures to back up what Im saying they are doing. So here I am a legit registered business with a trademark in the state of Florida. I am kicked off of google for the 6th time. Suspended 1ST appeal rejected and the guy just making up illegitimate businesses is decimating his competition to oblivion and operating at the front door of a hotel and there isn't a thing that can be done? How can google not see this?? I will literally pay someone to just run this, to help me make google see what is happening. I have hired multiple people in the past but Im at a loss. They don't honestly seem to know more than I do at this point. Send me someone who is good enough to straighten this out, money isn't the issue when you figure I make all of my money in 4 months a year and my phone hasn't rang in days. Please help!
Wow, that sucks. I am not able to help, but watching to see if/how this gets resolved.
You can report their listings as spam using the redressal form - it works better than editing it on maps - Business Redressal Complaint Form - Google Business Profile Help

As for your listings, if you are unable to recover them after they get suspended, the next step is NOT to create a new listing, as that is likely to get suspended too. You need to get your original profile reinstated, which if you're having issues doing I suggest you go to the GBP Community forum and ask a PE to help Sign in - Google Accounts

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