Dec 26, 2019
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I have a bit of an odd question... The industry I work in doesn't commonly use the 'Located in' feature (eg McDonald's located in Walmart.). We are looking to work with a business, that is located inside another business. The GMB for the business we are looking to work with is fine. The business that this business is located in has a name that is [business name], [service], [service], [service] located in [city], serving [city], [city], [city], [city], [city].

My question, is what happens to the GMB listing for a business, if the business they are located in, has their GMB suspended? Is there any negative implication of the business who is following the rules?

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
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Great question, @RobertCarnitas. I've never seen a case in which the containing business's GMB page is removed. Partly that's because those businesses are bricks-and-mortar by definition, partly because Google usually (but not always) needs to mark the "Located in" businesses itself, and because the "Located in" information (e.g. "department" pages) often seems to rely on indoor mapping data. So my guess is that on the off-chance the containing business ever got removed from the map, the inside businesses would stay put.

By the way, the chances are nil that the containing business would get pulled for keyword-stuffing the name. If that's all they're doing, the worst that can happen is that the keywords don't stick because users' (probably competitors') edits do stick.


Oct 13, 2017
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The Located In feature is powered by a mapping between Google Place IDs. As long as the listing stays in the database (even if suspended or currently hidden), the feature will stay live.

Listings 'located in' another listing that gets suspended won't see any Local SEO damage.

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