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Nov 13, 2018
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Many of my individual competitors who work within a company (which has it's own GMB listings) are also listing their own individual GMB listings, using their cell as the main contact phone number. Are the company employee's GMB listings considered spam listings, since the company has a GBB Listings? If so, do I report them as a Duplicate of Another Place, Doesn't Exist, or Spam?
@AMF, generally that's not spam. A brokerage can have a GMB listing, and each of its brokers or agents can have a listing, too.

Now, I'd look hard at keyword-stuffing in the name. Lots of brokers/agents do that.
@AMF can you share the type of business this is?
I assume you're referring to the individual mortgage brokers? I checked with Google and it really comes down to whether or not they are independently operating. So if they have their own license and their own book of business and clients then they most likely you're eligible for their own listing.

Feel free to private message me the details and I can confirm for you.
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