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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi all,
I have a client who's GMB was suspended recently. The client thinks it's because the new (3 months old) website has the wrong address in the footer (someone had transposed the address number).

I would think that this would be highly unlikely especially since the listings overall are in very good shape, they have consistenly subscribed to moz over this time period.

I can't think of what might have caused the suspension, but, I don't think it was the address error. Am I wrong?
It definitely could be the website. I'd update the site and apply for reinstatement.
wow. I'm shook. How many times have I added the address in the footer, but, thought it would do nothing at all.

Thanks Joy,
quick update: Details are sketchy but, it seems that a duplicate GMB may be the cause for suspension, as opposed to the wrong address.

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