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Thanks for sharing that info. Pretty incredible that it takes that long.
I still have two which were suspended in June and there has been no change. Ugh.
My average reinstatement time is about 2 - 3 weeks, but 4 is a good median. Though some I have gotten reinstated in like a week (which is amazing imho)

Also, 5 weeks is the current longest backlog, if you have been suspended for more than that length of time there may be other issues at hand.

If this is the case, feel free to open a thread on the support community or PM me the details (Name, Address, reinstatement request date and dashboard URL, case ID if you have it and a screenshot of the info tab), I can do a check with Google for you.

Please make sure it has been more than 5 weeks. No guarantee I will be able to ask about everyone's issues.
Has anyone had a listing restored *after* receiving a denial email from GMB support?

Because I have appealed a few times, received denial emails, then sent more info to prove that I have a real office. When I call support, some say that the listing has been denied, others say they are still working on it.

I just submitted even more info today (back statement showing check for rent posted and deducted from my account). I'm just wondering if there's any chance that these denial emails aren't the final answer.

Thanks very much for any insights.

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