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Feb 5, 2023
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Hi there! So, we have a big problem with unblocking our company in Google my Business. Our company was blocked right after verification. It was created from the new google account in Batumi , but all the changes in description was made from Ukraine. The reason of blocking is "it does not meet our quality assurance guidelines". Without any details.

So we asked a google local expert to help us. He checked all of the information about our company and made several changes so we can comply with all the rules. After that we created a discussion, where all of the experts (2) told us that they don't see something rule-breaking and our company meets google quality assurance guidelines. So one of them created an escalation but the answer from google was "specialists checked the company and confirmed the non-compliance with the rules. The reasons for the blocking were not disclosed."

We don't know what to do, the description, locations etc. of the company is fully meets google quality assurance guidelines.
We have 2 assumptions:
1. The company doing cryptocurrency exchange, which, for example, is banned in Google ads. But there is no such rules in GMB rules. And at the same time there are some exchangers in Batumi directly with the keys in the description.
2. Control of the company in GMB is from another country.
Assuming you are an online cryptocurrency exchange, you are not allowed to have a Google Business Profile as online-only businesses are not allowed. You may be able to get a knowledge panel About knowledge panels - Knowledge Panel Help

Sorry, forgot to tell. It's an offline exchanger. We have our office and after advice from the expert we even done sign at the entrance with our contacts, location and work schedule (Information on the sign and in GMB is the same)

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