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Jun 28, 2012
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Google just announced the ability to add local phone # call forwarding for Adwords


Below is the Adwords email. Help doc links are included for how to add local call forwarding.

"We're improving Google forwarding numbers for call extensions to include local phone numbers. Your ads will soon be eligible to show a local Google forwarding number using the same area code as your business phone number or an area code for the same region. For example, if your business is based in San Francisco, CA, your ads will be eligible to use a 415 area code. We understand that many local businesses can benefit from featuring ads with local numbers, since people are more likely to call a number with a recognizable area code.

What's changing?
Your AdWords account (customer ID: X) contains at least one call extension that uses Google forwarding numbers. Beginning in early November 2014, ads with call extensions set up to use a local phone number will automatically begin to show a local Google forwarding number, where available. In some cases, local Google forwarding numbers may not be available. If this occurs, your ad will show a number with an area code for the same region or a toll-free Google forwarding number.

Next steps
While you don't need to take any action, you may want to review and change your call extensions phone numbers to either a toll-free or local number based on your business goals. Learn more"

So if you do Adwords for clients, this is something to check out for sure!

What do you think???
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