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May 24, 2019
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I've just run a search for "service" from an area where my client isn't able to rank on local search or organically because of distance and competition. However, today we were able to rank organically for the "service"-only term with one of the location pages I've created. (I've created them for one particular search term: "service in city". I've never seen that before because Google always showed the general service page (that ranks when you search for the service from anywhere close to the business) or the page that is added to GMB (mostly a specific location page or homepage - in this case it's the homepage)

Business is located in Brooklyn NY, we run a search from Staten Island (both competitive areas - no way to rank on local search anywhere outside the district)

Homepage (page that is added to GMB) title: Giant Auto Repair and Maintenance New York.
Location page title: Auto Repair Staten Island New York
Search location: Staten Island
Search query: auto repair
Search result: Location page "Auto Repair Staten Island New York"

So it seems like Google bases the results not only on the query but also on the location someone searches from. This is actually really good as the user now gets a result that is highly relevant to their query and location.

Did anyone notice that as well?
Hey Tim, we see this all the time. With proximity to searcher being a massive ranking factor, it is common to see results showing businesses and/or pages on their website that are closer to the searcher, or optimized for the area near the searchers location.

Implicit queries tend to be more heavily influenced by proximity, compared to explicit queries. And the maps results do see more proximity as a factor compared to the localized organic results.

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