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Jun 28, 2012
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Despite popular belief, Google can read JavaScript
by Adam W, Threadwatch
Wed, 2015-05-13

SEOs have long stressed to their clients to use plain text as search engines can have difficulty reading JavaScript. This may have been true a few years ago, but Google has been making great strides. Adam Audette and his colleagues at Merkle recently put Google to the test and got surprising results.

They tested Googlebot in its ability to read JavaScript redirects, links, dynamic content, meta data and "nofollow." Googlebot was successful on all fronts. You can see their whole write up here: How Well Does Google Crawl JavaScript? Pretty Darn Well. | RKG Blog

Thanks David. She's truly all-seeing, all-knowing now. ;)

Thanks for sharing!
Crossing fingers that crawling Javascript doesn't fubar dni call tracking. Stay posted......
Yes, That is true. Google can read some percentage of Java and Ajax. But by this we can't say that it is recommended to do so.

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