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Nov 10, 2015
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Some days I wonder what goes on at Google. They randomly change a location's hours and publish it. Then, I have to go in and manually correct the hours back. I don't have time to fix Google's constant misinformation. It's a horrible user experience and a complete waste of my time.

Why do they keep doing this?
Hey @Caleb Google is likely picking up the wrong hours from somewhere. Have you checked some of the more authoritative business directories to make sure everything is accurate across the web?

I see this a lot with businesses with departments that have different hours like a car dealer that has a sales department and a service department.
@Caleb, what Colan said. Also, I'd check the hours on your or your client's site, particularly in the footer. I've seen Google make changes to GMB info based on the info on the site.
If you can't easily pinpoint where Google may be getting these wrong hours from, a Google search might ferret out the issue. Examples:
'[business name] + 9:00 pm'
'[business name] + Monday'

Check the results that come up and see if any directories have the wrong hours listed.
Thanks for all the good answers. You're all right on with what I've found.

Google is getting the hours off the linked to business page that represents the retail store, auto service portion of our business and the "out-lot" convenience stores that this hours screen grab is representing. The bottom line is that Google is incapable of setting hours unless each part of the business has its own web page.

I have zero plans to create three (or more) pages for each of our locations just so Google doesn't suck so bad at providing a good user experience.

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