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Aug 8, 2012
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Hi there, I'm doing a pro bono project for a local charter school.

After a big ramp-up to start acquiring reviews for the school (something that had been neglected for years), we discovered that user could not actually review the school on a phone. Only the star rating is visible, but there's no review text box, and no submit button . . . so, no review.

On a desktop device however, the user can write a review and submit it. I *thought* my own review went live immediately. But, along with two other known legit reviews in the last 24 hours, it's gone missing - no record in the dashboard or Maps display. Poof!

However, the review count (the number of reviews) did in fact increment in Maps - so my review is being recorded as a submission, but NOT displayed. It's not clear if the star rating changed.

Google support told me that the review system for educational institutions in the U.S. has been updated, and that reviews were no longer allowed for schools.

According to Google, this change happened sometime early in 2020, within the last two weeks. Google didn't know if or when full review functionality would return for schools. As of today in my area, it's not possible to write a review or even give a star rating.

Does anyone else have additional information or experience with this?
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